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Hotel Skeppsholmen in Stockholm

Friends of ours over at White Line Hotels were recently at the opening of the new Hotel Skeppsholmen in Stockholm.  This new design hotel is an absolute must visit by all accounts.  Not only is it bang in the centre of Stockholm, but it is also isolated on an island - offering total tranquility just a 10 minute walk from the hustle and bustle.

Have a look at the White Line Hotels website for an alternative view of it (they do things a bit differently over there).  If that doesn’t flick your switch (which it quite frankly should), then check out the hotels own website.

Metrotels - Back from the dead

Did you miss me?

Metrotels is slowly dragging itself back into the land of the living.

Sorry I left the scene, the stress and boredom of my normal 9-5 was killing me, but I quit that job in search of a better life, and have one now…so with renewed enthusiasm and very long sentances, I’m back.

Posting on a regular basis resumes.

A Streetcar named Desire

Just when you thought this blog was getting all Design Hotels focused……BAM!

The Smiths (that’s Mr & Mrs Smith to you) are feeling pretty generous.  Over at their site, they are running a little competition to win an idyllic getaway weekend in West Sussex, with a two-night stay at York House Rooms, a luxury cottage with all the trimmings of a modern city pad.

Coco Ribbon Spoilt Silly giftbox

Added to that, the lucky winner will get a Spoilt Silly giftbox worth £110 from Coco Ribbon, packed with designer treats including a bottle of the signature Coco Ribbon fragrance, luxurious bath oil, a silk jewellery roll, a bespoke-print silk eyemask and a sultry silk knicker set. re-launching soon?

No sooner had I finished my post on their new Book (see my previous post), but a little bird tells me that will be re-launching in a matter of days.

A new site will go live on Monday presenting the brand in a new way, in line with their rebranding as the home of the originals.

More details to follow soon, but for now enjoy the last few days of their current site:

The Design Hotels Book 2009

Design Hotels Book 2009

Design Hotels Book 2009

It has been a while since I posted, so sorry if you missed me.  I have been working on a number of things, some of which will make their way on to this blog over the course of the next few months.

One thing I have not stopped doing though is hunting around for cool stuff….and what could be cooler than the latest Design Hotels Book.  Shipping from 16 March it is available from the Design Hotels website for the princely sum of €44.